Thursday, 18 April 2019

THIS MAMMA RATES... Body Shop beauties

My skincare regime is basically non-existent and my face is definitely suffering for it. The excuse I give everything is that I don't have time, but it's getting to the point where my skin looks sad, dehydrated and unhealthy so action is needed. In an attempt to knock that on the head, I treated myself to a few goodies from The Body Shop and as soon as I opened the box I was pleasantly surprised.

I'm a sucker for beautifully designed and practical packaging and on opening the brown cardboard box that was handed to me by the postman, it instantly revealed a beautiful pattern printed on the inside and the products sat there waiting, tucked neatly in a paper bed like a big colourful surprise.

So far all I can say is that they smell divine and I will be writing a blog post to let you know how I get on with them – for now my face can't wait to have a long-overdue treat. 

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

THIS MAMMA CREATES... a quick and easy tea

Eating together as a family is one of our main goals, but to be honest it rarely happens. Even though the boys are over a year old, the 'witching-hour' that haunted us in times gone by still rears it's head on most days around 4pm and to concoct something we can all eat together in time for dinner, whilst simultaneously calming the beasts is near impossible. I'm not ashamed to say that pouches and tray-meals have saved my skin on numerous occasions and I break out in a cold sweat if we don't have any in the house for the 'hairier' of evenings.

Today though I managed to pull something off – Sausage & Veggie Pasta. Proper decent sausages, chucked in the oven, and linguine boiling in a saucepan – easy peasy. Asda do frozen 'scratch cook' veggies, which you simply stir fry from frozen. I love having stocks in the freezer because you're not then reliant on using things up by the sell-by date so they don't end up wasted and chucked in the bin. If you have a few 'tray-meal' kind of evenings, it doesn't matter if the delicious meal you had planned in for Monday gets delayed til Friday, because it's tucked away in the freezer.

To these I added some fresh sliced mushrooms (I know, I know, but they're a huge time/life saver), plus frozen mushrooms in my opinion never quite cut the mustard; then a can of mashed up plum tomatoes (which have a richer, thicker sauce than the chopped version). Once the sausages are cooked, chop them up and add to the veggies, then stir through the pasta. Hey-presto!

I minced it down a bit for the boys, who're still uncertain about whole chunks of sausage and I'm still working on getting them to feed themselves pasta; but all four of us thoroughly enjoyed it. It took basically no time to make, was full of goodness, and even more excitingly meant we ate the same thing at the same time, together at the table. Winner winner, Sausage & Veggie Pasta for dinner.